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UPDATE:  13/8/2020   Colin Bray


Hi Everybody


Now we are in lockdown again and the news coming that more cases have been located and likely to be more our level 3 lockdown is very likely to last longer than Friday 12:00 midnight.

As a result it is time to start a new teams competition. This time rather than a knockout it will be a round robin.

Once we know the number of teams I will publish a draw for the whole of the competition.

Last time we played once a week this time I propose that we play twice a week. Instead of having a loose arrangement for day and time I think it would be better if we had fixed day and time. I am suggesting Tuesday and Friday at 1:00. Should it absolutely be necessary I will permit playing at another time on these days. Because of the fixed time substitutes are allowed so it may be advisable to line up a substitute prior to commencement of the Tournament.

As each match will not play the same boards as other matches we will use imps to decide the winner of each match and the scoring system will be on a win/lose basis 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. After every team we will have a Grand Final of the top two teams. Should two teams be tied at the end of the series the tie broken by whichever team won their match in the round robin.

Team Captains please liaise with your team members and advise me as soon as possible if your team will be competing.

We will also advise the rest of our club’s membership as there may be other teams willing to join.

I want to start this competition asap so please advise your interest as soon as possible.